Wednesday, December 12, 2012


(water color on paper)

On the Twelfth part
Of the Twelfth month
In the Twelfth year
Do I feel as a
One or a Two?
Should I stand in a
Is this a day to
Enjoy, emote, express?
Depress, dissolve, dismay?

Or shall I paint
Twelve lines
And call it just
Another day.

On 12.12.12 I wondered about the power of numbers, how they move us in so many directions.  On the one hand a construct of human kind and on the other hand the magic of nature’s symmetry.  A little tribute to the last such date in the Gregorian Calendar during my life time.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Snow Squall

(watercolor  on paper
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Four forty seven PM.
Blue hat pulled low.
Zipped to the neck.
Scarf knotted.
Slalom into a boot,
Then the other.
Back stiffened,
Breath deep.
Unlatch the door
Step into

A holiday card, remembrance of a first December snow in Vermont, oft times a sudden squall.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Giving Flight to Intentions

(gauche on paper
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Welcome Dearest,
Sit and share.
Why the Heavy Heart?
You wish to Fly?
To lift as the Sun Bird?
Then close your eyes.
Call your Children and say
“Open the box full of
Red and Purple,
(giving flight to intentions in um, er, ah other ways
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Inflate one balloon then another
Each with Intention.”
Gather and Bind,
Thank each Little One
Then breath deep
Hold, hold, hold …
Now, slowly 
It is the Golden Time,
Between day and night.
Float and Smile.
Below little hands Wave,
Above the Moon Bird dances.
Beautiful Soul,
You Are

A card for Connie, she asked for an elephant with balloons.  The words are a tonic, a gentle reminder that the simple act of breathing can release the weight of our fears.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Canis Lupus

(water color on paper)
Barking up a tree,
How odd.
Even howl to the moon,
So rare.
Well done, and soon,
Curled nap.

While living in an apartment I sat waiting on the bottom steps, feet resting upon the floor of an entrance way tiled with faux shale.  Staring down I saw the tiles, green in color swirled with patterns including one that suggested a wild dog.  The tile pattern inspired the creation, first the image then the words.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


(water color and gauche on paper
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Are we three layers?

Closestinner thoughts tightly wound ball of string.  Knotted thick lines.  Frights layered with memories tumbling through ongoing liturgical wall.  Stories, moving pictures of after, here and hereafter.

Farthest … expanse of parts.  Children caper and cower.  Guides, angels, spirit, God.  Comfort, celebrate, create.  De se sentir, zu fühlen,  感じること, أن تشعر.

In Between … conduit to the little world.  Surface scratched, shiny, sticky or slick.  Halves of a clam, open and close, open and close, open and close twixt love and fear.

A card created in collaboration with Connie, her idea of different layers lead me to the analogy for the human experience.  Effects of our thoughts and ego (that which is closest).  Our inner children and greater forces (that which is farthest) including  translations of French, German, Japanese, and Arabic to “feel”.  And how we relate to the world in our actions (in between).  The blue expanse represents the “farthest”, here a rapid free flow of paint allowed figures to emerge (children, guides, spirits).  The yellow clam-like shell is the “in between” allowing for an opening and closing to the outer world creating both boundaries and walls.  The inner pearl surrounded by a tight weave of string holds that which is “closest”, a collection of past memories, imaginary projections and each current breath.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fallen Cherry Blossoms from Wobbly Piano Stool With Yellow Cloth and Sunflowers

(water color on paper
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Spring, spring, spring!
Days of rain weighted down
By shirt on shirt on shirt
On jacket on shell on and on
And on …

Signs of winter sleeping,
Little buds peak through
Silvery crimson bark
Of apple, plum, and cherry tree.
One week passes to show
First the Pink,
Nature’s ambers glowing
Growing soon to blossoms
White with shades of red and blue.

Walking under canopies
Tangling sight and scent
Darting wings and loping paws
Round trunks, through twig
While tiny pedals cling.

Winter stretches, yawns one
Last time to leave a
Sudden heavy snow,
Competing with the lovely
Trees for light.
Soon to melt, in the wake
Lower branches bend to
A painter’s gift.

Lime yellow jar,
Arrangement perched
Up on a wobbly stool
Adorned with cloth of
Jaune and Sunflowers.

To capture
Memory and light
With brush, water, pigment,
Eyes and heart.
Drop and stroke
Pause, ponder, paint.
Then, a great mistake.
Wagging tail darts …
Stool stands no more.

Scattered elements
Upon the floor
Sitting between art and
Mess, each the same.
Creation done.

Observations from a walk with my companion dog, Georgia, during the last days of winter and then my experience painting.  Spring was starting to, well, “spring” with rows of cherry trees throughout parks and along streets.  Several branches broke from a heavy wind the night before, I collected them and returned home.  The branches were arranged in a lime green vase then placed on a wobbly piano stool.  I began to paint until an unfortunate circumstance allowed the stool to wobble tossing the branches to the floor … a sign to end the painting.

Monday, March 26, 2012


(acrylic on canvas)
What is reality
If only what we know
Is but a name.
When that we
Do not understand exists
Just the same.
To shift a molecule
One moment to the left,
Untwist the D and Aid,
Rewrite the tome
Push back the stone … poof!
Marble to marmalade.

Painting started in an acrylic painting class in 2010, a representational abstraction (from a blurred image, what the actual image was I do not know).  Throughout the process I imagined the process of discovery, where what we know can change in the blink of an eye and what appears to be reality may be only a dream.  The poem came later as I considered the importance of disruption in our lives, how we fight change and fear the lack of “order”.  Completed in 2011.