Monday, April 23, 2012

Canis Lupus

(water color on paper)
Barking up a tree,
How odd.
Even howl to the moon,
So rare.
Well done, and soon,
Curled nap.

While living in an apartment I sat waiting on the bottom steps, feet resting upon the floor of an entrance way tiled with faux shale.  Staring down I saw the tiles, green in color swirled with patterns including one that suggested a wild dog.  The tile pattern inspired the creation, first the image then the words.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


(water color and gauche on paper
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Are we three layers?

Closestinner thoughts tightly wound ball of string.  Knotted thick lines.  Frights layered with memories tumbling through ongoing liturgical wall.  Stories, moving pictures of after, here and hereafter.

Farthest … expanse of parts.  Children caper and cower.  Guides, angels, spirit, God.  Comfort, celebrate, create.  De se sentir, zu fühlen,  感じること, أن تشعر.

In Between … conduit to the little world.  Surface scratched, shiny, sticky or slick.  Halves of a clam, open and close, open and close, open and close twixt love and fear.

A card created in collaboration with Connie, her idea of different layers lead me to the analogy for the human experience.  Effects of our thoughts and ego (that which is closest).  Our inner children and greater forces (that which is farthest) including  translations of French, German, Japanese, and Arabic to “feel”.  And how we relate to the world in our actions (in between).  The blue expanse represents the “farthest”, here a rapid free flow of paint allowed figures to emerge (children, guides, spirits).  The yellow clam-like shell is the “in between” allowing for an opening and closing to the outer world creating both boundaries and walls.  The inner pearl surrounded by a tight weave of string holds that which is “closest”, a collection of past memories, imaginary projections and each current breath.