Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Giving Flight to Intentions

(gauche on paper
click HERE to purchase reprints or cards)
Welcome Dearest,
Sit and share.
Why the Heavy Heart?
You wish to Fly?
To lift as the Sun Bird?
Then close your eyes.
Call your Children and say
“Open the box full of
Red and Purple,
(giving flight to intentions in um, er, ah other ways
click HERE to purchase reprints or cards)
Inflate one balloon then another
Each with Intention.”
Gather and Bind,
Thank each Little One
Then breath deep
Hold, hold, hold …
Now, slowly 
It is the Golden Time,
Between day and night.
Float and Smile.
Below little hands Wave,
Above the Moon Bird dances.
Beautiful Soul,
You Are

A card for Connie, she asked for an elephant with balloons.  The words are a tonic, a gentle reminder that the simple act of breathing can release the weight of our fears.

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