Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fallen Cherry Blossoms from Wobbly Piano Stool With Yellow Cloth and Sunflowers

(water color on paper
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Spring, spring, spring!
Days of rain weighted down
By shirt on shirt on shirt
On jacket on shell on and on
And on …

Signs of winter sleeping,
Little buds peak through
Silvery crimson bark
Of apple, plum, and cherry tree.
One week passes to show
First the Pink,
Nature’s ambers glowing
Growing soon to blossoms
White with shades of red and blue.

Walking under canopies
Tangling sight and scent
Darting wings and loping paws
Round trunks, through twig
While tiny pedals cling.

Winter stretches, yawns one
Last time to leave a
Sudden heavy snow,
Competing with the lovely
Trees for light.
Soon to melt, in the wake
Lower branches bend to
A painter’s gift.

Lime yellow jar,
Arrangement perched
Up on a wobbly stool
Adorned with cloth of
Jaune and Sunflowers.

To capture
Memory and light
With brush, water, pigment,
Eyes and heart.
Drop and stroke
Pause, ponder, paint.
Then, a great mistake.
Wagging tail darts …
Stool stands no more.

Scattered elements
Upon the floor
Sitting between art and
Mess, each the same.
Creation done.

Observations from a walk with my companion dog, Georgia, during the last days of winter and then my experience painting.  Spring was starting to, well, “spring” with rows of cherry trees throughout parks and along streets.  Several branches broke from a heavy wind the night before, I collected them and returned home.  The branches were arranged in a lime green vase then placed on a wobbly piano stool.  I began to paint until an unfortunate circumstance allowed the stool to wobble tossing the branches to the floor … a sign to end the painting.

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